A Word from PJ Walsh & The GIs of Comedy Land & Sea Team
by on November 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

PJ Walsh, Benari Poulten, Jody Fuller & Key Lewis are currently traveling overseas performing for our troops stationed abroad. Some concerns have been raised about their safety, so here are some words from PJ about the current situation…

I’d like to take a second to thank everyone who has expressed concerned and has wished us safety within our current travels. To be completely honest I’m only addressing this because I’m taken back by all the messages and comments I have received. It is truly heartwarming. When we travel to certain areas we’re here/there for just a short period of time. The individuals we have come all this distance to entertain are not. Each one of The GIs of Comedy had taken the very same oath, been in some variation of hardship & truthfully do not want to be anywhere else. We are fully aware of a couple things. Our service members are beyond worth it and they got our 6. The way we each see it is our service is not done. This is our part. Believe me when I say what we do is a little thing that has a positive effect in a very massive thing. On behave of all the guys I thank you and share your well wishes with each and every brave member of our Armed Forces we had/shall have the privilege to make laugh. Thank you again! – Peej”